Amendment 64

Use and Regulation of Marijuana 1 Ballot Title: Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution 2 concerning marijuana, and, in connection therewith, providing for the regulation 3 of marijuana; permitting a person twenty-one years of age or older to consume or 4 possess limited amounts of marijuana; providing for the licensing of cultivation 5 facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities, and retail stores; 6 permitting local governments to regulate or prohibit such facilities; requiring the 7 general assembly to enact an excise tax to be levied upon wholesale sales of 8 marijuana; requiring that the first $40 million in revenue raised annually by such 9 tax be credited to the public school capital construction assistance fund; and 10 requiring the general assembly to enact legislation governing the cultivation, 11 processing, and sale of industrial hemp? 12 Text of Measure: 13 Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado: 14 Article XVIII of the constitution of the state of Colorado is amended BY THE 15 ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION to read: 16 Section 16. Personal use and regulation of marijuana 17 (1) Purpose and findings. 18 (a) IN THE INTEREST OF THE EFFICIENT USE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT 19 RESOURCES, ENHANCING REVENUE FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES, AND INDIVIDUAL 20 FREEDOM, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO FIND AND DECLARE THAT THE 21 USE OF MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL FOR PERSONS TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF AGE 22 OR OLDER AND TAXED IN A MANNER SIMILAR TO ALCOHOL. 23 (b) IN THE INTEREST OF THE HEALTH AND PUBLIC SAFETY OF OUR 24 CITIZENRY, THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADO FURTHER FIND AND DECLARE 25 THAT MARIJUANA SHOULD BE REGULATED IN A MANNER SIMILAR TO ALCOHOL SO 26 THAT: 27 (I) INDIVIDUALS WILL HAVE TO SHOW PROOF OF AGE BEFORE PURCHASING 28 MARIJUANA; 1 1 (II) SELLING, DISTRIBUTING, OR TRANSFERRING MARIJUANA TO MINOR